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"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality."
It is enough if one tries to comprehend a little of this mystery every day.
- Albert Einstein

RE/FL/EC/TI/SM is a collective of lightworkers. We are a multi-disciplinary communications agency, headquartered in Berlin with strategic partnerships in London, Paris, Barcelona and New York. RE/FL/EC/TI/SM - AGENCY offers services in the domain of brand development, public relations, social media and special events. Passionated on Light, Photography, Installation and Moving Images, our agency activities and communication strategies target creating cultural relevance and meaningful human experiences to build strong momentum around a brand and long lasting customer followings.

The RE/FL/EC/TI/SM - Forum is a project of Reflectism.
Our aim is to bring people of various disciplines together to reflect on communication through images
as an own language.
We want to discuss Photography and the Image Production in context of Media, Art and Psychology.
We want to inspire and exchange knowledge between various creative thinkers in Berlin.
The aim is to bring people together, reflect ideas focused on light, not limited to photography but with photography as a base.


For summer 2015 collection we designed two shirts for the Berlin based Streetwear Brand IRIEDAILY as a limited art edition. One for men one for women.
The title "Berlin Rebel" took us back in our archive of images, taken on celluloid. We choose a locationshot from Warschauer Brücke towards Alexanderplatz, long before Mediaspree was established. The womens Shirt is a masked lady who stands for the rebellios heads of Berlin.

Thoas Lindner
is a

"The comeback of let go" is Thoas Lindners second poetry edition. The typography is handprinted on various materials like glas, wood, paper and silver. You can find the objects at Butterflysoulfire Boutique and the Bikini Berlin.

Butterflysoulfire Boutique is located at
Mulackstrasse 12
Berlin - Mitte
Mon - Sat
12.00h - 08.00p.m.




I-heart-Berlin organized during the Art Week a group exhibition of young Photographers of Berlin. We were part of it. Thanks therefore to Frank Schröder and his Team!

WE ARE BERLIN: from September 17th til 24th 2014 at a brand new venue at Leipziger Straße 60
7th anniversary party: of I HEART BERLIN at 20th September

"Berlin is not made of its museums and monuments. It’s not defined by its architecture or geographical features. Berlin is not only about its history or its bad weather. Berlin is not Germany, it’s the entire world in one place. Berlin is made of the diverse, colorful, creative, grumpy, carefree, poor, hard-working, clueless, happy and lost people that live here. We are Berlin."

Collection Crépuscule Atelier Brume

The face of the new collection is model Gryphon O’Shea.
We (RE/FLECT/ISM) produced the lookbook S/S15 for the parisian fashion label Atelier Brume in an abandoned iron foundry in Berlin.

Relying on the high craftsmanship of traditional couturiers, the young label manufactures its designs in France as well as in Germany in contemporary, yet elegant progressive pieces with dynamic silhouettes. Drawing reference from history and nature, Atelier Brume composes individual, sophisticated and strong garments using unique selected fabrics. There philosophy: introducing fresh proportions into menswear.


The mens fashion blog "Dandy Diary" is already a brand on its own. Honestly formulations, shameless videos and excessive partys. Jacob Haupt and David Roth provoke, but authentic. "Dandy Diary" is the answer and antithesis for the mainstream of german fashion blogs.
Atelier Brume is a dark fashion label with Ateliers in Berlin and Paris.
RE/FL/EC/TI/SM brought these two brands together and is responsbile for the visual realization of the animation.

RE/FLECT/ISM organised a six-parted event at the Olympus Photography Playground.

From the point of photography, we were interested in shifting perspectives and driving imagination towards new ideas.
The six-parted RE/FLECT/ISM - Forum consists of the following Panels:

  1. RE/FLECT/ISM - Forum
    Social Impact of Photography
  2. RE/FLECT/ISM - Forum
    Abstraction of Reality
  3. RE/FLECT/ISM - Forum
    Exposure of undiscovered territory
  4. RE/FLECT/ISM - Forum
    The Beauty of Beauty
  5. RE/FLECT/ISM - Forum
    Photography and Art
  6. RE/FLECT/ISM Event

Therefore we invited 4 speaker per each discussion.


A discussion about visual stories, photography books and their point of view - in still and motion pictures, which in their words, offer an unusual, absorbing, beautiful and even unsettling aesthetic experiences.

Eli Unverricht & Mila Haegele
presented their work on the OBSCURA Book
Tina Zimmermann
Media artist, presented her work and installations in public spa. Images in space to relax.
Birgit Glatzel
Photographer, presented her long-term photo project "A friend is a friend of a friend.“


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